The Long Now of Ulysses: Curating Literature after the Internet

UlyssesAnyone visiting Victoria this summer, be sure to put the Maltwood Prints and Drawings Gallery, McPherson Library, University of Victoria on your itinerary to view this fascinating exhibit. Show ends August 12.

How are interpretations of literature changing in a digital age? Using James Joyce’s Ulysses as its tutor text, this student-curated exhibit engages that very question, with an emphasis on time, place, computation, and speculation. The exhibit brings together traditional physical materials from the University’s Special Collections and the University of Victoria Art Collections with 3D replications of objects, as well as a digital environment. Guided by the question of self-remediation –how do we see ourselves as others see us– the exhibit places Ulysses in its contemporary context and engages its long, often unanticipated afterlife. Audiences are invited to interact with many of the curated materials. Details at:

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