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More Seamus Heaney

Thanks to Geoff Mynett for this link from The Telegraph further celebrating the life of Seamus Heaney: Seamus Heaney: his 10 best poems.


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Seamus Heaney


Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney

Sorry to report the passing of Seamus Heaney, the great Irish poet. Here he is on Desert Island Discs.

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Dreaming Our Language

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to Thursday’s delightful summer “free-for-all.” The format is obviously a popular success and warrants repeating. Graeme Hughes was pleased to post the following essay in the comments box on the Schedule page. The essay is rich with Graeme’s insight and erudition and therefore deserves more prominence on the blog. Read it below. I would urge everyone to make similar contributions. Remember this is the Roundhouse Poetry Circle blog, not Bruce Burnett’s personal blog (which, if interested, you can find at We need more gems mined from the wealth of intelligence and learning within our great group of members. You can post submissions in a “Comments” box, on the “Contact Us” page, or, if the submissions are large you can email them directly to me ( as a MS Word or PDF file.

Graeme’s Essay:

DreamingDreaming Our Language

In this day of twitting and texting I think more and more about language — English, because that is the one I think in.

Anything written or spoken is seeking a reader or listener — as any tweeter or texter recognizes. The best literature and poetry ask the reader and listener to participate by imaginatively reconstructing the meaning. The question to which I will return becomes what is the content thus communicated?

Words do more than let us communicate, of course. As any thinker knows, putting thought and feeling into words reduces the inchoate to the specific, the murky to a greater clarity. It also extends our reach in the sense Karen Armstrong points to: we use words when we want to make something happen outside ourselves…as when we affirm or declare, give an order or make a request. Yet the use of words in prayer seems inadequate in our attempt to communicate with Transcendence — which is why some say that real prayer is silent.

Read the complete essay: Dreaming_Our_Language

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Roundhouse Poetry Reading

ReadingIn keeping with laid-back summers days (albeit with time’s winged chariot hurrying near and freighted with the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness), on Thursday, August 22, at 12:45pm sharp bring your favourite poem(s) to the Roundhouse to share. It will be great fun. See you all then.

Incidentally, Wordsworth fans may be interested in: WORDSWORTH’S LAKE DISTRICT: CRADLE OF ROMANTICISM

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Time to Enrol for our Fall Sessions

Folks, it’s time to enrol for our fall sessions (September 26 to November 28). Sorry to nag, but it’s vital we all do this. The Roundhouse Community Centre is kind enough to provide us with a free venue and their rules (not ours) demand that all participants register for all “courses.” Registration is free, of course. You may register in person or online at: This page should then appear in your browser window:

Click the “Add to my Cart” button and a “Customer Login” page with your existing customer ID # and password and a “Register Now” button will appear if you haven’t enrol-2previously registered. If you run into problems, just phone the good folks at Roundhouse (604-713-1800) and they will help.

Many thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

A suggestion has been made that we remove the age limitation (55+) and open up participation to other age groups. Let’s have your thoughts on this. Maybe we can discuss this matter on August 22.

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If William Shakespeare Had Written Star Wars

Star_warsIn time so long ago begins our play / In star-crossed galaxy far, far away.”

Though William Shakespeare regularly dominates surveys of the greatest literature of all time, he remains a surprisingly controversial figure of literary history — while some believe The Bard profoundly changed modern life, others question whether he wrote anything at all. Doubts of authorship aside, one thing Shakespeare most certainly didn’t write is the cult-classic Star Wars — but he, as Ian Doescher brilliantly imagines, could have: Behold William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, a masterwork of literary parody on par with the household tips of famous writers and Edgar Allan Poe as an Amazon reviewer.

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Plaths_ARTSylvia Plath – beloved poet, lover of the world, repressed “addict of experience”, steamy romancer – had a few creative surprises up her sleeve. In addition to her little-known artist and children’s books, she was also a strikingly adroit artist. The pen and ink drawings collected in Eye Rhymes: Sylvia Plath’s Art of the Visual capture the literary icon’s “deepest source of inspiration”: art. They reveal Plath’s exceptional attention to detail and her diverse yet introspective curiosity about the world, from nature to architecture, from intimacy to public life.

See more here.

Tabac Opposite Palais de Justice

Tabac Opposite Palais de Justice

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