About Us

The Roundhouse Poetry Circle blossomed from a Poetry Seminar in the Seniors Program within the Continuing Studies Department of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver campus.

The seminar, expertly and entertainingly conducted by John Stape, PhD, was an overwhelming success, generating a considerable degree of enthusiasm and participation. The consensus was to not allow the momentum to wane.

The initial meetings were held at SFU’s Harbour Centre location in downtown Vancouver, but demand for class space in the facility forced us to seek an alternate venue. We were welcomed with open arms by the Roundhouse Arts and Community Recreation Centre in Yaletown, Vancouver.

Membership in the Roundhouse Poetry Circle is free, but to attend Circle meetings you need to join the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre (see here). Space limitations impose a maximum number of 20 people per meeting, so pre-registration on the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre website is required.

Canadian poet, Molly Peacock, describes a Poetry Circle as “this oddball thing that is a supreme breathing exercise without a weight room, a word trove in the presence of things that leave you speechless.” She adds, “people know that dense language shared means that experience is exalted, and understood.”

If you have form’d a circle to go into,
Go into it yourself, and see how you would do.

from “Gnomic Verses ii: To God”

The Roundhouse Poetry Circle blog was created and is maintained by Bruce Ian Burnett.


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