Coming Up Oxford Street: Evening

by Thomas Hardy

Coming Up Oxford Street EveningOxford Street, London 1872

The sun from the west glares back,

And the sun from the watered track,

And the sun from the sheets of glass,

And the sun from each window-brass;

Sun-mirrorings, too, brighten

From show-cases beneath

The laughing eyes and teeth

Of ladies who rouge and whiten.

And the same warm god explores

Panels and chinks of doors;

Problems with chymists’ bottles

Profound as Aristotle’s

He solves, and with good cause,

Having been ere man was.

Also he dazzles the pupils of one who walks west,

A city-clerk, with eyesight not of the best,

Who sees no escape to the very verge of his days

From the rut of Oxford Street into open ways;

And he goes along with head and eyes flagging forlorn,

Empty of interest in things, and wondering why he was born.
As seen 4 July 1872


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