for performance with Bach’s E Major Partita for Solo Violin, BMV 1006
There is, said Pythagoras, a sound

the planet makes: a kind of music

just outside our hearing, the proportion

and the resonance of things – not

the  clang of theory or the wuthering

of  human speech, not even

the bright song of sex or hunger, but

the unrung ringing that

supports them all.
The wife, no warning dead

when you come home. Ducats

in the fishheads that you salvage

from the rubbish heap. Is the cosmos

laughing at us? No. It’s saying

improvise.  Everywhere you look

there’s  beauty, and it’s rimed

with  death. If you find injustice

you’ll find humans, and this means

that if you listen, you find love.

The substance of the world is light,

is water: here, clear

even when it’s dying; even when the dying

seems  unbearable, it runs.
Listen to Hilary Hahn play Bach’s Partita No. 3, BWV 1006

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