The Planet on the Table

Wallace Stevens

The Planet on the TableAriel was glad he had written his poems.
They were of a remembered time
Or of something seen that he liked.
Other makings of the sun

Were waste and welter
And the ripe shrub writhed.
His self and the sun were one

And his poems, although makings of his self,
Were no less makings of the sun.
It was not important that they survive.

What mattered was that they should bear
Some lineament or character,
Some affluence, if only half-perceived,

In the poverty of their words,
Of the planet of which they were part.
The Planet on the Table” is another Wallace poem with a Shakespearean reference.
Ariel’s Song in The Tempest; Act 1, Scene 2:

ARIEL (sings)

Full fathom five thy father lies.

Of his bones are coral made.

Those are pearls that were his eyes.

Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange.

Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell

A reminder that on April 27 we will be reading and discussing poetry and other literature about, or inspired by, Shakespeare, his works and characters. Please bring your own selection of this genre for discussion and, if you wish, post it first on the blog via the CONTACT US page, or email it to me directly. See the SCHEDULE PAGE for selections posted to-date.

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