by Boris Pasternak,  trs. Jon Stallworth and Peter France from Selected Poems (Penguin, 1983)

Hamlet_PasternakThe buzz subsides. I have come on stage.

Leaning in an open door

I try to detect from the echo

What the future has in store.
A thousand opera-glasses level

The dark, point-blank, at me.

Abba, Father, if it be possible

Let this cup pass from me.
I love your preordained design

And am ready to play this role.

But the play being acted is not mine.

For this once let me go.
But the order of the acts is planned,

The end of the road already revealed.

Alone among the Pharisees I stand.

Life is not a stroll across a field.
An early reminder that on April 27 we will be reading and discussing poetry and other literature about, or inspired by, Shakespeare, his works and characters. Please bring your own selection of this genre for discussion and, if you wish, post it first on the blog via the CONTACT US page, or email it to me directly
See the SCHEDULE PAGE for selections posted to-date.


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