Beethoven’s A-minor String Quartet (Op. 132): The magical music that inspired T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets

Excerpted from Chamber Music: A Listener’s Guide by James M. Keller

Beethoven_s A-minor String QuartetThe A-minor String Quartet (Op. 132) is the second of the triptych Beethoven wrote for Count Nikolas Galitzin. It occupied the composer from about February through July 1825, and its content is very much wrapped up with the vicissitudes of his life during those months. By that time he had reached a sorry state, increasingly isolated through his deafness. In 1825 he was actually arrested as a vagrant – a mistake, but an understandable one in light of what was reported to be his increasingly slovenly appearance.
Read the complete excerpt: Beethoven-A-minor-string-quartet
Listen to Quatuor Ebène play Ludwig van Beethoven’s String Quartet number 15 in A-minor Op. 132
Another reminder that we’ll be reading and discussing more of  T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets in our March session. On March 23 we will focus on “The Dry Salvages” and “Little Gidding.” Please bring your own favourite excerpts, interpretations and comments for discussion about these challenging poems.


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