The Nomad Flute

by W.S. Merwin

the-nomad-fluteYou that sang to me once sing to me now

let me hear your long lifted note

survive with me

the star is fading

I can think farther than that but I forget

do you hear me

do you still hear me

does your air

remember you

oh breath of morning

night song morning song

I have with me

all that I do not know

I have lost none of it

but I know better now

than to ask you

where you learned that music

where any of it came from

once there were lions in China

I will listen until the flute stops

and the light is old again.
the-shadow-of-siriusA final reminder that Bill Ellis and Graeme Hughes will be reading and discussing a selection of poems from W. S. Merwin’s book, The Shadow of Sirius, on January 26, 2017. “The Nomad Flute” will be one of the featured poems.
See the
SCHEDULE PAGE for the complete list.


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