Dylan’s Non-Response to the Nobel Prize Was An Eloquent And Poetic Silence

dylans_non-responseAt least one Nobel prize official was ticked off at the designated laureate in literature for not RSVP-ing, but this misconstrues how poets think and work.


For two weeks after the Nobel Prize in Literature was announced, Bob Dylan kept the world hung up in his silence.

Per Wastbërg, wasn’t happy about that. He chaired the committee that gave Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize in literature. After Dylan didn’t respond, Wastbërg told Swedish TV that Dylan’s silence was “impolite and arrogant.”

That was Wastbërg’s interpretation and he wasn’t alone. It says more about his expectations than about Dylan. Poets should be polite and decorous, I guess. But was Rimbaud polite? Was Allen Ginsberg decorous?

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