The Lonely One in Autumn (after Chang-Tsi)

the-lonely-one-in-autumnAutumn mist hangs blue over the lake,

All the grass stands are covered in frost;

You would think an artist had cast jade­dust

Over the delicate flowers.

The sweet fragrance of the flowers has gone;

A cold wind bows down their stems.

Soon they will have faded, golden leaves

Of the lotus­flower lying on the water.

My heart is tired. My little lamp

Goes out with a crackle, it reminds me

I should sleep. I come to you, trusted state of rest!

Yes, give me rest, I need refreshment!

I weep much in my loneliness.

Autumn lingers too long in my heart.

Sun of love, will you never more shine,

Gently drying my bitter tears?

From Das Lied von der Erde (“The Song of the Earth”) by the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler.

Listen to Gustav Mahler’s  Song of the Earth – Das Lied von der Erde – Song 2 (“The lonely one in Autumn”) performed by the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra.


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