An early reminder that we’ll be reading the poetry of Louise Glück on Thursday, February 25

Louise_GluckSusan Koppersmith will introduce us to Gluck’s poetry and everyone is encouraged to read their own favourite Gluck poem(s). Revisit three previous postings on this award-winning poet: The lyric gift of Louise GlückLouise Glück Wins This Year’s National Book Award in Poetry and October (section I).

The Evening Star
Louise Glück

Tonight, for the first time in many years,
there appeared to me again
a vision of the earth’s splendor:

in the evening sky
the first star seemed
to increase in brilliance
as the earth darkened

until at last it could grow no darker.
And the light, which was the light of death,
seemed to restore to earth

its power to console. There were
no other stars. Only the one
whose name I knew

as in my other life I did her
injury: Venus,
star of the early evening,

to you I dedicate
my vision, since on this blank surface

you have cast enough light
to make my thought
visible again.



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