Change at the Roundhouse Poetry Circle

Roundhouse_communityGeoff Mynett, who has provided sterling service as coordinator between the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre and the Roundhouse Poetry Circle since our inception in the spring of 2012, is stepping aside to pursue other activities, although he will still attend the poetry discussions as time permits. Bill Ellis has kindly volunteered to take his place, but he hastens to add that he’s prepared to relinquish this role should anyone else be inclined to step into it.

The change is effective immediately, so please take the opportunity to welcome and thank Bill for assuming these duties at our next meeting on November 26. Without Bill’s willingness to adopt the position of coordinator, the Roundhouse Poetry Circle would have ceased to exist.

Also, a reminder that we will be reading and discussing the poetry of Emily Dickson on the 26th. Please send in your personal selection of Dickinson’s poem(s) via the CONTACT US page, or email me directly. Submissions to-date can be found on the SCHEDULE PAGE.

Please also come to the meeting with some topic ideas and suggestions for 2016.


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