A final reminder about our session on the poetry of R. S. Thomas this Thursday, September 24th

Please visit the SCHEDULE PAGE for a list of poems to be featured.

Black-cat-clifftopThe Cat and the Sea
by R. S. Thomas

It is a matter of a black cat
On a bare cliff top in March
Whose eyes anticipate
The gorse petals;

The formal equation of
A domestic purr
With the cold interiors
Of the sea’s mirror.

by R. S. Thomas

The disingenuousness
of the dawn, showing everything
it possesses even to the kid
gloves waiting on the table

of the board meeting for the directors
to put on before beginning
their gang warfare – the dawn with
its one cloud the colour of the carnation

in the chairman’s buttonhole, and smells,
myriads of them, spiralling
upward from the sacrifice of
integrity to the clogged nostril of God.


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