From the Academy of American Poets: “The act of writing and the art of poetry”

Art-of-poetryAs Academy Chancellor Mark Doty has written, “One ambition of poetry is to create a reverberant silence in its wake, one that means more or differently than the silence that preceded the poem.” All year long, we celebrate poetry’s ability to create meaning in our lives. And, for National Poetry Month, we encourage you to find inspiration in the following poems about the act of writing and the art of poetry.

Light (an Ars Poetica)” by Michael Cirelli
Ars Poetica (cocoons)by Dana Levin
Ars Poetica” by Archibald MacLeish
Take the I Out” by Sharon Olds
Stilling to North” by Arthur Sze
The Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens
Always on the Train” by Ruth Stone
Language” by W. S. Merwin
The Uses of Poetry” by William Carlos Williams


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