A final reminder that we will be focusing on Canadian Poetry this Thursday, February 26

Canadian_PoetsPoems to be featured include the following:

Geoff Mynett: Anthem by Leonard Cohen and More and More by Margaret Atwood.

Anne Fletcher: Bliss Carman – Low Tide on Grande Pre and A Vagabond Song.

Bruce Burnett: The Beacons of the Bad Days (download PDF: The-Beacons-of-the-Bad-Old-Days) by Peter Trower and Green Rain by Dorothy Livesay.

Graeme Hughes: Notes Towards a Poem that Can Never Be Written by Margaret Atwood

Susan Koppersmith: Alden Nowlan – Morning of the Third Operation (download PDF: Morning-of-the-Third-Operation) and The Bull Moose

Rosaleen CowanThe Glass Essay by Anne Carson and Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell

Nora Grove: Patrick Lane -That Cold Blue Morning (Download PDF: That_Cold_Blue_Morning)

Thanks to Susan Koppersmith for making us aware of this beautiful article about Patrick Lane from The Globe and Mail: Poet Patrick Lane on looking for the beauty in life.

Maureen Malcolm: Duncan Campbell ScottThe Forsaken.



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