Boston Review’s 20 Top Poems of 2014

Boston_ReviewThis year The Boston Review published well over 100 remarkably interesting poems, representing the work of emerging as well as established poets and featuring a wide array of styles and forms, from short lyrics to long sequences, prose poems to sonnets, a number of poems in translation, a visual poem, a cento, and even a handful of limericks.

Take a look back at their twenty most-read poems of 2014, presented here in alphabetical order by author’s last name:

Amber Atiya“when the end is near”

Dan Chelotti“Odysseus Amongst the Swine Glances Toward Ithaca”

Christopher Deweese“The Tide”

Regina DiPerna“Where My Body Has Been”

John DuvernoyPoet’s Sampler introduced by Timothy Liu

Adam Fitzgerald“Riverboat”

David Gorin“East Jerusalem”

francine j. harris2014 Poetry Contest Winner

Cathy Park Hong“Inside Beyoncé”

Sara Eliza Johnson“Letter from the Ice Field, December”

Douglas Kearney“Runaway Tongue”

Kim Kyung JuThree Poems, translated from the Korean by Jake Levine

Rickey Laurentiis“Of the Leaves that Have Fallen,” introduced by Timothy Donnelly

Dana Levin“Murray, My”

Anthony MadridFive Limericks, illustrated by Mark Fletcher

Lisa Olstein“Night People”

Robyn Schiff“A Hearing”

Susan Stewart“the dead, inscribed, alphabetical, within”

Ocean VuongPoet’s Sampler introduced by Amy King

Monica YounTwo Poems: “Portrait of a Hanged Woman” and “Lamentation of a Hanged Man”

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