The Elusive (and allusive) Vancouver Poet Laureates

Vancouver-public-libraryThere has been a complete lack of response to the request for selections of poetry by our three Vancouver Poet Laureates, Evelyn LauGeorge McWhirter and Brad Cran for our October 23 session, probably because it is difficult to find their poetry online. However, their books are available through the Vancouver Public Library and you are encouraged to avail yourself of this source. Meanwhile, Geoff has kindly taken the trouble to assemble this MS Word document including biographical sketches and samples of poems from all three poets. Download the PDF here: Vancouver Poet Laureates

If the poetic spirit moves you, please still take the time to select one or more poems from each of the three poets above, then post your choices in the “Leave a Comment” link below, or on the CONTACT US page, or email me directly. However, Geoff has also made the executive decision to widen the scope of the topic to include Canadian and BC Poet Laureates, so this gives us all a far greater selection to draw from. Response requested … please!


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