Anything Can Happen

Seamus_Heaney-2Anything Can Happen

  by Seamus Heaney
Anything can happen. You know how Jupiter
Will mostly wait for clouds to gather head
Before he hurls the lightning? Well, just now
He galloped his thunder cart and his horses

Across a clear blue sky. It shook the earth
And the clogged underearth, the River Styx,
The winding streams, the Atlantic shore itself.
Anything can happen, the tallest towers

Be overturned, those in high places daunted,
Those overlooked regarded. Stropped-beak Fortune
Swoops, making the air gasp, tearing the crest off one,
Setting it down bleeding on the next.

Ground gives. The heaven’s weight
Lifts up off Atlas like a kettle-lid.
Capstones shift, nothing resettles right.
Telluric ash and fire-spores boil away.

Another reminder about our special treat on March 27 when Rosaleen and Rosalind will lead us in a celebration of the life and poetry of the much-loved, great Irish poet, playwright, translator and lecturer, Seamus Heaney, who passed away in August, 2013. We will be honoured with the guest presence of Timothy Brownlow, a retired professor of English Literature, who met Heaney, and will share his knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, this outstanding poet. Tim has taught English and Irish Literature for over four decades; in his retirement he continues his writing career as poet and essayist; his favourite poets are Yeats and Heaney.

Go to the Schedule Page for a list of Heaney poems (with links to texts) to be read and discussed.


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