Ekphrasis on Thursday

Ek-1Folks – a last reminder about our exciting session on Ekphrastic Poetry this Thursday, November 28th. Following are links to the texts of poems to be read, along with links to the art that inspired them. Download and print if you wish to refer to them on Thursday. We’re all looking forward to a riveting gathering.

Graeme Hughes: W.B. Yeats‘ “Leda And The Swan.” Images
Elizabeth Godley: Nancy Sullivan‘s “Number 1 by Jackson Pollock”
Bruce Burnett: Philip Larkin‘s “An Arundel Tomb.Images
Penny Sinclair: Warhol / Madison Ave. / 9-11 by Peter Balakian. Image
Geoff Mynett: HomerShield-of-Achilles” from
The Iliad
John Stape: Wislawa Szymborska‘s “Vermeer’s painting The Milkmaid” (Image) and/or “Brueghel’s Two Monkeys
Nora Grove: Mystery and Melancholy of the Street (Chirico 1914) Image and Rilke’s
Archaic Torso of Apollo Images
Sharon Lindsay: Allen Ginsberg’s Cezanne’s Ports


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