Another Reason to go to the Roundhouse

Pi_TheatreFolks, if you only see one theatre production this winter, make sure it’s the new Canadian play by actor/playwright Sean Devine (who is also a virtuoso performer in the play), Except in the Unlikely Event of War, currently playing at the Roundhouse Performance Centre. It’s a brilliant political satire and it’s very topical. As the director, Richard Wolfe, asks in the program notes, “What is the place of satire in our modern culture? We live in a time where whistleblowers are vilified, a former Prime Minister is caught accepting brown paper bags full of cash, and a crack-smoking mayor who threatens to gouge out people’s eyes is vigorously defended by his base. Could the soil be any richer?”

In addition to brimming with intelligence, this play will have you laughing out loud. I saw the matinee on Wednesday 20th. If I lived in Vancouver I would see it again. And again. This magnificent production deserves a wider audience.


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