Time to Enrol for our Fall Sessions

Folks, it’s time to enrol for our fall sessions (September 26 to November 28). Sorry to nag, but it’s vital we all do this. The Roundhouse Community Centre is kind enough to provide us with a free venue and their rules (not ours) demand that all participants register for all “courses.” Registration is free, of course. You may register in person or online at: https://pbregister.vancouver.ca/safari_activitydetail.htm?activity_id=421531. This page should then appear in your browser window:

Click the “Add to my Cart” button and a “Customer Login” page with your existing customer ID # and password and a “Register Now” button will appear if you haven’t enrol-2previously registered. If you run into problems, just phone the good folks at Roundhouse (604-713-1800) and they will help.

Many thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

A suggestion has been made that we remove the age limitation (55+) and open up participation to other age groups. Let’s have your thoughts on this. Maybe we can discuss this matter on August 22.


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